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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage Catskills: Kingston NY

I have a lot of fond memories of Kingston. One of the last surviving american Woolworth's stores, having experienced the 1980's video arcade phenomena at the Hudson Valley Mall when it was decked out in brown tiles & orange this & that, Seeing King Kong Lives (1986) at a forgotten theater near *Caldors, finding a huge pile of animal bones in the woods behind the Ulster County ASPCA, Going to Subway so often that I would get red carpet treatment, the trash cans with the bird design on both sides so it would look like you where feeding your trash to a bird, at the Kings Mall, getting shocked from the combination of an arcade game joystick and the puddle of water I'd be standing in while eating a Moon Pie near the Holiday Inn-indoor pool during the winter. The lifeguard would always keep a close eye on me for I was quite the little hellraiser/stargazer. He was a prick. he was from Germany. I'm half Jew. Oh well! Most importantly Alice in Video Land had 5 movies, 5 nights, 5 bucks. They had an amazingly vast collection of strange movies (The Sinful Dwarf, Hawk Jones, Invasion Of The Saucer Men, The Jan & Dean Story, Bog) that would turn me into the happy man I am today. You better believe I stocked up during their closeout sale. I could go on all night.
*See first Video
Special Thanks to Dorje Fransisco Villodas & Darla Braquet

And just for fun?!

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