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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eddie Murphy Did It His Way

“That's my idol, Elvis Presley. If you went to my house, you'd see pictures all over of Elvis. He's just the greatest entertainer that ever lived. And I think it's because he had such presence. When Elvis walked into a room, Elvis Presley was in the fucking room. I don't give a fuck who was in the room with him---[Humphrey Bogart], Marilyn Monroe" -Eddie Murphy
A young Eddie once exclaimed that when he hits it big he wanted a leather suit not unlike the one worn by the King in his legendary 68 Comeback Special. Alongside Eddie at the boom of his career was his longtime friends/entourage all in matching satin jackets ala Memphis Mafia.

Now compare the first few minutes of Eddie Murphy Delirious to a clip from This Is Elvis...

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