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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Roger Patterson's Famed Bigfoot Footage... HOAX!

I hate to crush your boners but this lecture by legendary costume designer Phillip Morris seems pretty legit. Tons of Youtube users disagree. I will start by showing you the famed Roger Patterson Bigfoot footage from 1967. Followed is an interview with Morris, who claims to have made the costume for Patterson. Decide for yourselves!


  1. After faking Samquatch for real you debunk?... What means anything anymore?

    1. THAT costume looks pretty legit lmao !! REALLY? have you SEEN the pg film?? Theres a guy i wish i could remember his name his videos out there somewhere,who set out to debunk the film so he spent TEN YEARS making a suit w visible muscle movement and all the modern fabrics and furs and then he taped himself walking in it and it doesnt even come CLOSE..I mean its laughable..I was 50 50 on the pg film until i saw this guys work and now im convinced..it WASNT POSSIBLE with all the modern technology we have today so how in the hell did they do it fifty years ago ?.Im telling ya seek out that film your jaw will drop..

  2. But they still believe ...

  3. more...

  4. Actually, even modern costume design struggles to create primate costumes with the articulation and visible muscles as seen in Patterson's footage. Not to mention its never been debunked and a sasquatch DNA study is currently in peer-review.

  5. Hey, Just because this video was a fake does not prove anything, there could still be a monster out there for you. If you need that sort of thing.