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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Imagine if...

An early photo of The Beach Boys, gathered at a park in Westchester New York in 1964. This just so happens to be the same park where Dennis, Brian, Al, Carl and Mike would often perform Satanic rituals. The Boys left behind demonic spray painted images on the walls of a cave in the park, better known by locals as The Satan Cave. These images are still visible amongst the crushed beer cans, syringes and animal bones. In later days some say that David Bekowitz AKA The Son Of Sam was up to similar activity in the same location. SURF'S UP!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Adventures of Super Pickle: Fame, Identity Theft, Sexual Frustration & Death

When I was just a tiny little Animal, one of my all time favorite toys was a stuffed superhero pickle who simply  went by the name of Super Pickle. I was reminded of him during one of my vintage toy searches  on Ebay. these searches tend to stir up quite a few memories for me (I can remember things from when I was a baby). Upon my journey I ran across a Bananaman item. Bananaman was a british cartoon I used to watch on Nickelodeon in the mid 1980's. This obviously reminded me of Super Pickle. With his long, gangly, multi colored, striped legs & huge orange converse he was the pride of all my toys. Upoun further searching I saw that he was now going for $299.99 on Ebay, even with a missing nose and stains. Through further further investigation I found out that there was a series Hallmark popup books that went by the same name. 
Here is what the Wikipedia entry on Super Pickle has to say. I have trouble doubting the legitimacy of an entry covering the history of Super pickle 
" is a pop-up book written in 1972 by Dean Walleyillustration by Mike Strouth, book design by Dick Dudley. This was printed as one of a series of Hallmark Pop-up books published by Hallmark CardsIt sells for up to $249, but experienced a bit of a pop culture resurgence in 1995 when Dick Dudley's sister Courtney Dudley-Vantassel suggested in an Oprah interview that her brother had used pickles as a sexual metaphor. Some retailers removed the books from their shelves furthering the iconic books' demand and sealing the legacy of "The Adventures of Super Pickle" as a timeless treasure for all ages. Sadly, Dick Dudley was never able to shake the stigma and died in seclusion in his self fabricated cottage in 2003.
The Adventures of Super Pickle chronicles the life of Dillbert, a mild-mannered pickle who lives in small town peopled with vegetables. Dillbert secretly pines for a lady pickle named Lilly. At the first sign of trouble (i.e. an evil cabbage, a baby pickle in distress) Dillert hops into a pickle jar and emerges as Super Pickle, borrowed directly from Superman. In the end Lilly realizes that Dillbert and Super Pickle are one and the same and the two pickles get married."
The doll and the book do not seem to have any relation 
although I could be wrong (do you really care). Oh yeah. 
Super Pickle (the toy) had a girlfriend named Fickle Pickle.
                                                                     Fickle Pickle 

It looks like AM Toys also made SUPER PEANUT!!!


Miles Jaye - Sensuous

Sunday, January 6, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Abandoned Florida

Me and some of my buddies taking a detour from Daytona Bike Week to the abandoned Strawn Citrus Packing House. ENJOY!!! Featuring young motocross champion Jake Quick and motorguru Tommy Romano.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Roger Patterson's Famed Bigfoot Footage... HOAX!

I hate to crush your boners but this lecture by legendary costume designer Phillip Morris seems pretty legit. Tons of Youtube users disagree. I will start by showing you the famed Roger Patterson Bigfoot footage from 1967. Followed is an interview with Morris, who claims to have made the costume for Patterson. Decide for yourselves!